Program Overview 4 Courses - 4 Levels - 4 Months

Cosmetics 101 - Introduction to The SACHA METHOD

Introduction - $400 USD Receive a personalized makeup set & 10pc brush set (Foundation, Powder, Lipstick, Concealer, Primer, Blush, Shadow, Liner, Mascara).

Cosmetics 200 - Makeup Artistry

Artistry - $600 USD Receive 7 Pro-Makeup Palettes (2 Foundation,1 Powder, 1 Contour/Concealer/Primer, 1 Eye shadow, 1 Blush & 1 Lip) & advanced brushes.

Cosmetics 300 - Professional Cosmetics Specialist

Professional - $900 USD Students receive Pro-roller case and 2 additional Professional Makeup Palettes (Blush Med-Deep & Eye shadow Matte).

Cosmetics 400 - Makeup Master Level

Master - $200-1000 USD Focused personalized courses, one-on-one instruction. Business, fantasy, run-way, bridal.

Become A Professional Cosmetics Specialist ®

Join the Team of SACHA's Professional Cosmetic Specialists on an exciting and fullfilling professional career path that will enable you to meet exciting people, travel to wonderful places and empower you to live your life.

A SACHA Professional Cosmetic Specialist knows more than just the basics of makeup artistry.  A SACHA Professional knows about the nature of the cosmetics business, customer service, sanitary application and the fundamental science of makeup.

Training to be a SACHA Professional Cosmetic Specialist does not impose an individual instructor's personal techniques on how to apply makeup, the series of courses taught at our Image Centers is a BEST PRACTICE methodology of teaching.  This allows a SACHA certified Professional to work in any environment, with any product and under any condition.

A Certified SACHA Professional is capable of working in a retail environment, starting their own business, owning their own studio, managing their own Customers and eventually being their own Brand.

11 Global Locations - One Methodology

Hands on training methods.

Hands-On Approach Learn at your own station, in a fully equipped studio with all materials & products included

Textbook instruction for makeup application

Textbook Based Curriculum Full color, progressional & detailed instructional manual provided for every course & every student

Training through repetition of skills

Skill Repetition Gain confidence with repetitive & progressional learning via self & model application at your own station

Real evaluations of skills

Competency-Based Testing Written & practical assessments verify the acquired knowledge & skill of every student before certification

15 Professionals working

SACHA Supports Our Professionals

Looking for a qualified Professional to work your next event?  Look no further than a SACHA Professional Cosmetic Specialist.  Certificate holders are proudly listed along with links to their portfolios and their contact information.

SACHA is happy to endorse the Professionals that have qualified through the rigerous course-work to become a Professional in this fast-paced and exciting industry.

Through a vast array of Industry connections, SACHA works with agencies, individuals, salons, stores and event organizers to connect its Professionals in well-paid, safe and reputable working relationships.